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Stephen here and happy you came by. I have a few shows coming up not to mention my film, The Spark, is currently in festivals. It's kinda funny but everything I create I am not always in love with. It is trial and error and some of it just doesn't 'sing' but then what do I know!

The film I made however I do love now. I say that not to brag but because for the longest time I just didn't know. Right up to the first screening of it I still wasn't sure I didn't make a pile of dog poo. After the second screening I actually came around and realized, "man, I love this film".

The arts are all connected. I mean that in the broadest terms as well. Cooking is a damn art form, when you are good and make it with care.

I don't make my art to be anything I wouldn't want to eat myself.

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