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Stephen Shellenberger is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, filmmaker, playwright and actor. He has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States and Europe. His work has been featured in magazines and can be found in both private and corporate collections around the globe.


Shellenberger has several successful solo exhibitions to his credit and has been selected for prominent group shows such as the Collectionner L'art sponsored by the Association des Galeries d'art Contemporain. One of the reasons his work strikes such a cord with people: the artist recycles anything and everything and reclaims it with paint.


Shellenberger loves the notion that things with history bring much more to a work of art than something fresh from the art store; he celebrates their past, integrating those memories with his own vision. If art is the voice and language of the artist, then Shellenberger clearly has something interesting to say.


"The artists job is to be a witness to his time in history." 
-Robert Rauschenberg 
(He owned a small painting of Stephen's)

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